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1 yoshino hideyoshi hide 2 shiro 3 oda nobunaga 4 akechi mitsuhide 5 date masamune 6 takeda shingen 7 uesugi kenshin 8 imagawa yoshimoto 9 tokugawa ieyasu 10 hanzo 11 mori motonari 12 chosokabe motochika 13 sorin otomo 14 muro ougai 15 saito murasame 16 aida kotarou the main character she is a. 2 about 3 love interests 4 events 5 latest activity 6 references welcome to the unofficial english wiki for ikemen revolution!

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A comedy anime is laced with humour and sets.After accidentally changing history and earning the favor of warlord nobunaga oda by saving him from near death, you must survive 3 months surrounded by japan’s most famous and handsome sengoku warlords before your next chance to make it back home.At the center of a struggle between red and black armies, 14.By vehura june 25, 2017.

Comedy anime whose central struggle causes hilarious results.El juego ha creado gran furor en japón, lo suficiente para conseguir una adaptación a anime, a manga1 y una versión.Facebook twitter pinterest tumblr whatsapp line email.Ikemen sengoku es un otome desarrollado por cybird para dispositivos móviles en 2015, siendo éste el tercer juego de la compañía.

Ikemen sengoku is a dating simulator (otome) game released by cybird in 2015.Ikemen sengoku is an otome game by cybrid, and part of their ikemen series.Ikemen sengoku otome anime game.In 19th century london, a chase after a gentleman curiously resembling a white rabbit leads you to a land where magic trumps reason.

In a world where it takes one man to conquer a nation, do you have what it takes to conquer his heart?Is frequently called kitten by masamune on his route, angel or goddess by shingen on his route, and little mouse by mitsuhide on his route.yukimura also calls her boar woman on some routes, which initially sounds.Ishida mitsunari is a character from the visual novel ikemen sengoku:La historia nos sitúa en un japón feudal donde nuestra protagonista se encontrará y relacionará con grandes figuras históricas japonesas.

Romances across time is an otome visual novel by cybird that started life as a romance mobile app and became popular enough to get an anime adaptation and a japanese ps vita port too.See more ideas about anime guys, anime boy, anime.The most viewed series from that year on anime.The third game released by cybird and part of their ikémen series, ikémen sengoku has been growing in popularity through the years, enough for getting a port of playstation.

These stories are built upon funny characters, situations and events.They have been indexed as male adult with purple eyes and gray.They’re all out for blood.Tv series, 12 episodes year:

Unlike the sengoku men who are accustomed to killing, she comes from a more peaceful time and thus abhors the thought of killing.;We have all kinds of interesting and fascinating trivia from this year to share with you.We hope you enjoy your stay here.We hope you enjoy your stay here.

You sense there’s kindness behind nobunaga’s cruel gaze, but can’t seem to make it beyond his tough exterior.You were about to become a fashion designer.until you fall through time right into the sengoku period!